Chavana Spa was created to fulfill the need for a spa brand that is not over complicated
and one that suits the ever growing middle market.

Brand Flavour

All inspiration for Chavana Spa flows from the beautiful freshness of a Balinese garden in spring time. Bright pastel colours, fresh floral aromas, partnered with green and woody notes. Chavana Spa introduces Balinese Fusion at its best – contemporary but never modern.

Brand Promise

All too often, the spa experience is confusing and intimidating for all but the most spa-savvy consumers. With Chavana Spa, we offer a simple, understandable and approachable concept that welcomes all to experience the freshness and energy of the Balinese spa spirit. Chavana Spa creates an environment where you can feel confident and safe exploring the wonderful world of spa.

Brand Values

Fresh – like a beautiful Balinese garden, the energy and spirit of which will flow through every element of the guest experience.
Friendly – and approachable, we encourage all guests to allow us to introduce them to a fresh new Balinese spa experience.
Value – for money, time and effort is assured as we recognize that all three of these things are precious commodities in today’s busy life.
Treat – yourself to a spa experience that simply allows you to take a well deserved ‘time out’.